10 Ways To Get More App Installs – Mobile App Marketing

10 Ways To Get More App Installs – Mobile App Marketing

by July 19, 2016
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Thinking of expanding your business to the next level? What can be better than launching an app that will help you in expanding the reach of your business overseas? Taking into concern the present scenario of the global market; Mobile marketing has emerged as the best and most advantageous tool helping you in establishing a strong market place for your company. Reports show that almost 78% of the total world population in the urban areas has their mobile phones within a range of 3 feet almost 22 hours a day. This brings a higher opportunity for the businessmen in getting close touch with their clients 24*7*365 days. Relying on this statistics; it can be rightly said that mobile marketing offers you a market forum with a power to reach your clients and earn profits within a short span unlike any other medium.

Benefits of having a company App

Psychology says that customers develop a positive instinct for the products and services of those brands which have a service app of their own helping the customers get their needs fulfilled and express their grievances easily. Having an app for your company not only helps you in building trust among the customers but also in the expansion of business receiving instant feedback from them about your services. An App; as an active smartphone user you are aware refers to an application which can be downloaded easily from the play Store on your mobile and therefore installed on the device. In case of iPhone users; these apps can be downloaded and installed from Apple’s App Store while Android phone users can get the downloading and installation completed from Google Play Store.

App: Meaning and tips for increasing installations

app install campaign

Apps which offer an active interaction between the marketer and the consumer is somewhat like a computer program extracting data and content from or without an Internet. Now that you have determined to build an app for your company or upgrade the existing one; it is also necessary to know that mere creation of a app does not help you earn an increasing number of customers. There are certain obligations which an active businessman has to play to ensure that a greater number of people are installing their mobile marketing app. As a pioneer in digital marketing; we offer you 10 tips that will help you to get more installations for your app/s.

Ask your friends and family to install and review your app

To get the initial downloads can be really painful. Ask your friends and family. Don’t hesitate. Ask for their suggestions.

Remember, you are not going to loose anything even if they say ‘No’ to your proposal. There will be some good friends who can prove to be very useful. Use the power of word of mouth campaign to drive a few initial downloads.

Social Media buzz

Getting an increasing number of consumers falling for your app; the best you can do is encourage your customers by creating a buzz about it in the social media. This can be done by making use of the sharing option available in social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Emails and SMS. 

For some apps, social media can do wonders. One can drive insane installs through social media. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin to drive mobile app installs.

Influencer marketing

Marketing and influential promotion is the first task you have to do after your App has been built and published in the requisite app stores. Unless and until your customers are aware about the services of your app; they won’t be interested in downloading it. This calls for active promotion to get more number of fans following your app. Try to find out people/influencers who are having a lot of active followers. Write to them and ask them to try your app. If they find it interesting, request them to share the app with his/her followers.

Paid Ads – Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Paid ads are important to get the initial downloads. You can try mainly Google Adwords and Facebook ads to begin with. If you do not know how to set up Google Ad campaign to drive mobile app installs, connect with us here. We will set up Ad campaigns for you. The best thing about paid campaigns are that you can show ads too your target group only based on age, occupation, city, country etc. You can always try A/B testing for a better optimization of your ads.

Have a website

As an alert businessman while to aim to expand your business through mobile marketing; it is equally essential to have a company website of your own. This is because customers in today’s world trust services and products from those companies which have a global access over the internet. A website also helps them in knowing more about the services or products that you have in store for your customers along with other details related to your services. Try to keep the website design plain and simple. Mention all the versions ( Android, iOS, Windows ) on the homepage and it should be clearly visible.


Creation of blogs has become a trend in mobile marketing in the recent days. It has been seen that more number of customers are attracted towards those websites which are updated on a regular basis by developing a conversation with the customers in an informal written style popularly known as blogs. These blogs offer customers with a great deal of information on various subject matters related to the product or service the web page is dealing with.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is known as the practice of website page optimization which helps in increasing the traffic to your website by taking your webpage to a higher rank in search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Remember that customers who are attracted to your website are likely to get attracted for the installation of your mobile app as a higher SEO ranking boosts the marketing position for your business.

Guest posts on related blog

Reach out to bloggers and tell them that you would be interested in writing for their blog. Mention the title and include the article in the mail and don’t forget to mention how your article is going to help their readers. Needless to say, the article must to be related to your app. Include all the links from where users can download your app.

Offer them with a valid reason for downloading your app as well as maintaining them on their mobile. Lack of loyalty program often instigates the customers to uninstall the apps.

Submit your App to 3rd party App stores

Google Play is not the only app store in the world. There are a few more app stores with million of visits every day.

  1. Amazon App Store – Submit your app to Amazon app store as it is considered to be the second best app store after Google Play store.
  2. ApkMirror
  3. Getjar
  4. Appbrain
  5. Aptoide
  6. Opera Mobie Store

Submit to App Review sites

Submitting your apps to the App Review Sites is equally important as updating your app and blogs. You will need to review the apps of the other users and in return they will review yours. There are a lot of registered users and you can get genuine feedback of your app. Example – install4install.com

Read the reviews and work on them

Every App comes with a review option to get incoming opinion from the customers using your apps. As an ethical businessman; it is your responsibility to read these reviews; trace the problems being suffered by the customers with its use and work on them to earn more number of people downloading your apps.

Considering the present number of people accessing internet from their mobile devices; it can be estimated that by the end of 2020; almost 90% of the population will be adhering to the same leaving out the use of PCs. Keeping this in concern; it can be rightly said that mobile marketing using apps will help a businessman in expanding his market across the world. To keep yourself update with the same race; you can hire professional help from EDM; a leading app marketing service provider.

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