1000 USD Scholarship for Students

Here is a GOOD NEWS for all the students! Come and avail the best opportunity of the annual $1000 scholarship program offered by E Digital Marketing Company.

E Digital Marketing Company, a leading company in the industry today is offering its yearly scholarship to the most diligent students with an aim to pave a brighter career path for you.

In our journey to emerge as one of the most proficient digital marketing companies, we have stumbled upon both high and low phases. But in the end, it is blessings that count.

By offering the $1000 scholarship, we are sharing a part of our blessing with the students and in the process, we hope to successfully shape your career.


Our Objective – Why are we doing this?

We strongly believe that the college is the best place to start something of your own and build a career for the future. And we are genuinely concerned about the students out there who facing financial constraints while pursuing their dream. Our scholarship program also aims to reach out to those startups that need monetary help to build a firm foundation.

Eligibility Criteria – Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to avail the scholarship as long as you are a diligent college student. We don’t discriminate on basis of gender, creed or race.

You just need to be a college student to be eligible.

Requirements – What you need to do to avail the scholarship

We want to reach out to each one of you globally, as far as possible, and hence, we don’t maintain strict requisites for you. Students should be only able to fulfill any one of the simple requirements below to avail the $1000 scholarship program.

Write a high-quality article in 1000 words on any one of the topics listed under:

a. How marketers are innovating with email in 2017

b. Strategies for website building in 2017

c. The importance of Ecommerce Web Designing

d. SEO tricks that actually work in 2017

e. Social media trends in 2017


Design an intelligent infographic on strategies to built White Hat Links in 2017

Scholarship Registration FORM 

Deadline: Scholarship

You can submit to us the completed 1000 words article on any of the topic listed above or the infographic on or before December 31, 2017.

Take the opportunity while it is still there.

Note: It is absolutely free and there is no entry fee. A participant does not need to pay a fee in any form to participate in the Edigitalmarketing Scholarship program.