12 Digital Marketing Ways to Generate More Leads for your Business Online

12 Digital Marketing Ways to Generate More Leads for your Business Online

by June 11, 2016
Search Engine Optimisation

Sometimes it happens that you are not able to perk up your business even after offering the best product or services. Why does this happens? Well, there may be a number of reasons behind this, but the foremost factor is lack of promotion for your product. If only a handful number of people know about your business, then certainly the fate of your online/offline business is dark. The most important thing is to generate as much leads as possible, this will even hike up the sale of an average product – finally you gonna win! In short, leads means revenue and revenue means profit and this is where Digital marketing comes in handy. It can make lead generation process quick and easy.

12 Digital marketing ways to get more leads for you business

With the help of digital marketing services that are available today, you can jazz up your business within a short span of time. Let us have a look at the following 12 ways and how it can help you generate more business leads.

Creation of high quality contents

As per the research, it has been found that using good quality content is one of the best and definitive content marketing method. In fact, it has been widely reflected with the present changes to the Google’s algorithm– whether it is Hummingbird, Penguin etc. The main point to be noted is that, content serves as the most essential metric, which helps to filter the search results. The content can be brought forward in a number of ways – in the form of white papers, blogs, how-to guides, e-books etc. One can also take advantage of social media copywriting and micro blogging. With quality content, it becomes easier to tell people what you are good at and get leads in return.

Use of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the cost effective way to get business leads online. With the help of SEO, you can rank your website/blog for targeted keywords and get targeted leads daily. It helps in getting organic traffic without spending any penny in advertisements.

Linkedln marketing strategy

When it comes to social media, there are a number of platforms, which you can choose. Linkedln is one such social media platform can help to get new leads for your online business. This is basically a business-centric social networking site where users can even publish contents. You can connect with your prospective customers online and offer them your services/products. LinkedIn can work wonders for companies that offers B2B services.

Mobile marketing method

As per the recent research, it has been found that mobile marketing has become one of the best medium for generating business leads. In fact, owing to its huge success the price of mobile marketing has soared up to $400 billion in US. The content, apps and website should be custom designed so that they can be accessed from the mobile phones easily. With the ever increasing use of tablets, smartphones and other kind of mobile phones, the chances of lead generation through this medium also enhanced potentially.

Facebook platform

facebook advertisement

When it comes to lead generation for your online business, then we cannot forget Facebook. This is one such effective method, which will give a vast insight of your online presence. This takes a little time to set up, but can give you better output in terms of getting new leads. With Facebook Ads, within a short span of time, you can reach targeted Facebook users and show your ads to them.

YouTube channel

YouTube platform can help businesses by serving as a monolithic search engine. The posts do remain there for a certain period of time, thus providing the best option for sending referral web traffic. You can maintain and develop your own channel. You can share videos for imperative tutorials, special events, etc. Thus, you can standout in the crowd of competitors, attracting more leads.

Free software

Go for adding a software tool on your website, which is easy to use and free for the visitors. This will help to develop trust in your audience, and we know that more trust simply directs to more leads.

Twitter ads

Twitter Ads

With Twitter ads, you can get quality leads. The cost per click is definitely a bit more as compared to the paid channels, but you can expect a good return. It’s definitely worth a try!

Email marketing

With the use of good quality email marketing software you can definitely come across email lists, differentiated on the basis of factors like customers’ likes and dislikes, their spending habits etc. Send personalized emails to gain trust of the recipients.

Web analytics

With the effective method of web analytics one can measure, collect, understand, plan, analyze, predict and report the activities of their online business. Do not confuse it with the term Web Statics, which is just mere reporting. This method helps you in analyzing the various angles of your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a popular and highly performance-based program, where publishers are paid for braining the customers. The performance is based on leads, conversions, promotions or sales. This marketing program is quite effective and for a startup, it can be a boon. With the support of high-traffic sites your site can get lots of traffic.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging will help you to generate leads, but for that, few parameters need to be properly maintained. The articles should contain relevant information so that audience can benefit from them, promote the post actively in order to leverage the social proof and redirect the visitors to the landing page of your site

Final Thoughts

There are so many online marketing strategies available for your business. Therefore, what you need to do is to try the various methods that fit your business and choose the one which work the best. Most of the time, using the combination of various strategies helps in reaching the target. Always keep in mind that Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic mediums and easily adapts new changes, which is of utmost importance. It is suggested to make use of a Web Analytics tool, which helps to track the performance of your business as well as assist you to plan the next move. If you are one of the business owners who would be interested in generating leads for your business through digital marketing, please get in touch.

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