Analyzing top 10 Social Media Tools designed for Social Media Marketing

Analyzing top 10 Social Media Tools designed for Social Media Marketing

by July 17, 2016

Social media has become an important forum of communication with the growth of internet. Not only is this platform used by for communication by people; entrepreneurs also use this forum as a medium for gaining more traffic as well as new leads for their business. However for sound usability of the social media for marketing purpose; it is also important to ensure the use of the appropriate social media tools alongside having wide accessibility on some of the leading social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Adding on; you have another platform introduced these days named Instagram. But are you aware of some of those social media tools which are used extensively by the social media managers? this article aims to provide you with such information.

Top 10 Social media marketing tools

Social media marketng

Here is a brief details of 10 such tools meant for better social media marketing.


With the use of this media toll; you can easily schedule your profile content across all types of social media platform. It also assist you in maintaining a regular and updated social media schedule throughout the week without keeping worried about the delivery or posting of such data.


This social media managing tool is meant for people who are willing to execute business or other campaigns across various types of social platforms directly from one single website dashboard. It is extensively in use for managing these media sites, ascertaining the result of campaign, tracking of such conversations and others.


If you are looking for an automated internet site which is also powerful enough to attract customers; than IFTTT is the right choice with its use; you can easily connect with other media networking sites sharing information with each of them equally. For example; the time you publish a new blog; a tweet is automatically sent from your Twitter profile.

Social Oomph

This is primarily a web tool offering a range of few free and few paid schemes of productivity enhancers meant for developing the functioning of social media. This site is invested with a number of functions for all the social media platforms.


As the name suggests; this desktop and web solution is meant for efficient managing and monitoring of all your Twitter feeds with well-designed filters that keeps a stringent focus on all the fact matters.it keeps you update with all feeds coming to your twitter profile.


This social media management tool is also meant for managing your twitter account. With its use you can flush out those unfollowers, reorganize your follow up list and clean out inactives.

Social Flow

This tool provides an interesting business solution for keeping real-time watch on conversations taking place on social media. They have important publishers like National Geographic, Mashable, The Washington Post and The Economist as their Clients.


Sproutsocial offers a powerful business management platform for those using social media for their business promotion. This platform also offers tools for monitoring your business promotion with using social media.

Social Bro

This tool teaches you the tactics for engaging and planning out the target audience for your business profile on Twitter so as to ensure its promotion. It also helps you in the identification of your competitors and their moves.


Crowdbooster helps in keeping away those nonsense messages of the crowd from overflowing your webpage. On an addition it offers you with analytics at a glance; suggestions for engagement, drawing audience attention and others.

Final Say

With the use of these Social media marketing tools; you can uplift your business page that you have been operating on the social media platforms.

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