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Businesses, this is how design works!

For decades, the market leaders tried to take design out of business equation. But today, from big giants to startups have design at the core of business. Apple or Airbnb, they are doing phenomenal work utilizing the design.

As an entrepreneur, you must be wondering; What is “design” actually? A well-built WordPress theme? Or logo? Or intuitive user interface? Honestly, it is much more than that!

We can refer design to a state of mind. A way of solving the problem. In business terms, a strategy to beat down your competitors.

We will help you understand what design is and why it is important for your business!


“A way of problem-solving”

The design is not confined to intricate or color logo. It includes many things, executed in separated ways. But the objective is same; the problem-solving. Whether you need blueprints for building a home or a responsive UI for your website or a complete branding package, by doing so you just want to solve a visual problem.

So, What is a “good design”?

About design, the non-designers always have doubts. And the reason is so obvious that is the lack of knowledge.

To make things easier, let’s break things down.

We can’t measure the design in a finite way. But we can follow important principles while making or exploring a design. Here they are.

A good design is…



Add value to a product

Make the product concept understandable




Well explained

Just enough (less is more)

Compatible with environment

These ten commandments distinguish designers from fine artists. The design does not refer to shiny buttons or complex patterns. It is a way of merging different principles into a unibody that is deliberately meaningful.

Let’s be specific!

Graphic Design

To understand the idea, think of the graphic designer as an entrepreneur who has to perform various roles simultaneously including founder, operator, manager or chief ninja. Similarly, a graphic design plays with different mediums to create something substantial. Such as working with digital images, typography, illustrations and much more.

Technically, graphic design is rendered in 2D. So, that it can be displayed digitally on screen or printed on the physical medium.

Why Should You Hire A Graphic Designer?

Because it is a necessity, you can’t afford to ignore!

The executives and engineers make most of the business. But when it comes to present the product in front of customers, the graphic designer is the one who creates the bridge. To be honest, it worked great for Square, Fitbit, Airbnb, and Tapbots.

Honestly speaking, for business who seek funding, loyal users or press coverage, Design is the key differentiator!

We think it’s to change things! And add designers into the business mix!

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