How Google Ads Can Get You More Leads If You Are A Dentist ?

How Google Ads Can Get You More Leads If You Are A Dentist ?

by September 14, 2016
Google Ads for dentists Bangalore

Google Adwords is a revolutionized and complex marketing platform. Due to paid advertisements, most businesses don’t spend on Google Adwords. They always opt for inexpensive SEO techniques. But Pay Per Click campaigns can give easy and quick results if done correctly.

For local health care businesses, Google Ads ( Pay Per Click ) can be very impactful.

Precisely, it can direct the targeted audience to your website from Day 1.

Most businesses don’t fall for Google Ads, as this is Pay-Per-Click service. No doubt, PPC is expensive for any business regardless of nature. But for quicker results, and to understand the type of keywords that are actually rewarding, I would always advise to spend some amount on PPC ads. PPC or Google Ads has a number of advantages that other advertisement mediums don’t provide.

When you should run Google PPC ads ?

You should definitely run Google Ads initially, when you have zero or very less traffic from SEO. Also, start investing some amount on dental SEO. Once you start ranking, keep lowering your budget on PPC and focus more on SEO.

As a dentist, why should you try Google Ads ?

In following ways, Google Ads can generate positive leads for a dental website:

Before we get started, you have to be familiar with Google Adwords and understand the pros and cons of using Google Adwords. This is necessary to make most of your budget. Start using Google Adwords and check out its building blocks that includes keyword planner, placements, bids, Ad Rank and Quality Score etc.

Most people are not convinced to use PPC or paid ads. Well, following reasons are enough to justify its importance:

  • Your website will be on the first page without any hassle
  • It will direct the target audience to your website
  • You can achieve desired ad position and traffic within no time
  • You can check what people wants and then devise the message as per the needs
  • You can track ROI for every penny spent

How to generate leads for dentists via Google Ad

Enough about the benefits, let’s check out how we can generate leads for dentists via Google Ads:

Keyword Research

Before setting the Ad campaign, you must know your keywords because the ad will appear on search engine result page for the relevant keyword.

For instance, you have a dental clinic in Bangalore; you may use the keyword “Best Dentist in Bangalore” or “Best dental clinic in Bangalore“. So, when some search for these keywords, your ad will display along with (above the) organic search results.

Look for exact phrase search.

While creating the list of keywords, don’t choose broad keywords like Dentist Bangalore!

Advanced Tip : Instead go with the keyword keeping the location of your clinic in mind. If you are located near HSR Road, you can choose ‘Dentists in HSR Road’ as one of the targeted keywords. You can also choose to display the Google ad only to people who are searching from nearby locations.

Create A Landing Page

To direct the visitor from the Google ad to the website, you must create a landing page. The landing page will be dependent upon the kind of campaign you are running. You may have started a campaign with multiple ads. Then you need the landing pages for each ad targeting specific service or web page. A great landing page must have a catchy headline, engaging visuals, correct business information, testimonials and call to action, etc. After spending for the click and having the targeted customer on your website, do not let him/her go away simply due to lack of information. Mention your phone number and contact details. You can also have a Book an Appointment form with proper call to action button.

Offer Free Resources

Now the Ad has brought the visitors; the landing page has to do next step. A landing page is an intermediate between the visitor and actual website or resource. Sometimes, the actual product or service is not sold on the landing page. On the landing page, the visitor is lured with some valuable offer. For instance, you may offer a free coupon or free check up kind of offer. So, a visitor can then be easily converted into the customer for your clinic!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics give clear insights about the campaign. Here, you can track your leads. You will know about the behavior of the traffic landing on the website. A high bounce rate means, traffic is coming, but they are not staying. It implies that you need to refine your targeted keywords.

If the keyword research has been done correctly, the targeted users/readers will tend to stay on the landing page for longer time thus decreasing the bounce rate.

If you see you have high bounce rate on your blog, no need to panic. There can be hundreds of reason for high bounce rate such as poor landing page, confused page design, incorrect ad campaign, poor user interface or weak offer. With the help of Google Analytics, you can continuously improve your ad and increase the number of leads per penny spent! Keep the A/B testing mode on.

I would like to try Google Ads. How do I start ?

If you have planned to use Google Ads to generate leads, you must educate yourself about Google Adwords. This will prevent excessive and unnecessary waste of money. It is a complex platform and difficult to use for optimum results.

That’s why we are here! We are an emerging digital marketing company in Bangalore for dentists. If you want to start effective and efficient PPC campaigns for the dental clinic, please contact us and give us a chance to share our experience! Call 7032414385 Today.

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