How To Generate Leads For A New Coupon Website ?

How To Generate Leads For A New Coupon Website ?

by September 04, 2016
leads for coupon codes

We live in the world that is rapidly changing due to technological advancements. With the evolution of the internet, the coupon industry has changed into new dimensions. Predominantly, coupons get distributed via online channels. In fact, coupons have made the job lot easier regarding online shopping. With digital coupons, the consumers can get goods at discounted rates from different brands.

Starting a coupon website is much challenging and different from other websites. In a case of others, you are writing content for the already developed product. But a coupon site is converting users into consumers. For other sites, attracting the massive traffic is an essential purpose of digital marketing. While coupon site first has to attract traffic plus convert them into consumers. This process is known as lead generation. Leads are simply people who are interested in your business.

leads for coupon codes

In such dynamic online world, we should practice digital marketing tips for lead generation. Here, we will share some significant tips that can increase leads for a coupon site. Cut to the chase; there is one rule behind all strategies for coupon marketing. That is “Coupon must find consumers instead another way around.”

Keyword Research

It is the myth that keyword research is irrelevant SEO technique for a coupon site. People think coupon with highest discounted rate will be the winner. That’s completely a wrong notion. Before even setting a coupon site, you must conduct a properly planned keyword research. Do you know that 53% of coupon searches are related to groceries? While most webmasters opt for clothing or electronics.  Everyone buy groceries per month. Now, imagine if you setup a coupon site on grocery products! You can see a huge increase in the leads!

Google Ads

Google is the most viable channel to generate leads for your coupon site. These ads are known to produce qualified leads for businesses. Google enables the user to take benefit and track the ads for conversions. Starting the Google Adwords campaign is not sufficient to grow leads. You have to do optimization before even starting the campaign. Such that, your ad must be relevant to your coupon site. When visitors click on the ad, they expect exact and relevant information on the landing page. So, make sure to meet the expectations. The ad must include precise and engaging text so that the user will click on it!

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Millions of users connect via this platform daily. Using the Facebook ads for lead generation is a great idea. If you use them properly, the lead generation will be on the spot. The most important point is a target audience. You must have the clear cut idea about the persona of the target audience. So, you can design the ad accordingly. Honestly, the target audience will click on your ad if it is relevant to them!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization plays a vital role to drive leads for a coupon site. A bunch of essential SEO techniques is mandatory to land more visitors on the website. First of all, you must use natural URL structure for category pages. For instance, couponexample.com/site/godaddy.com. If specific web pages are making more conversion, then create sitewide links for them. But avoid anchor text with the exact match. Use “Godaddy coupon codes” instead of GoDaddy. On Google search results, in the bottom, you will find Google-related keywords for every query. You must use such related keywords!

Partnership With Local Merchants

Local partnership with merchants helps in a procurement of coupons. The partnership is highly dependent upon the relationship building with merchants. If you know what to offer, you can easily get merchants on the board. First of all, you must have an idea about your niche. For instance, your site is about foodies. Then go after top restaurants and cafe shops, etc. Next, you must understand the needs of merchants. For example, a restaurant with 150 people capacity cannot handle 300 people in one night against vouchers!

Email Marketing

You cannot think of online business without email marketing. For coupon sites, email marketing has huge importance. You can create significant email list by making offer against signup. For instance, you may offer two coupons for a price of one if the customer signs up. Later, you can send trendy offers to those emails for more leads!

Calls – To – Action Positioning

The design of a website always matters a lot. It is pathetic to see that people do not give importance to design. While our mind first scans than read! To improve leads generation, you must place Calls-to-action above the fold. It means that space on the web page that a user can see. Anything below fold seems uninteresting to the user. Proper placement of Calls-to-action can double the website leads!

Design Of The Coupon

As said earlier, designs play a vital role in everything. Human thinking is highly influenced by the design. If a person finds any design relative and compelling, that may earn you a new lead. That is why your coupons must have clear and precise designs. The color scheme should relate to target audience! For this task, you may hire a qualified graphic designer!

Start A Blog

If you are planning to start a new coupon site, you must think of blog too. For instance, your site offers coupons for different types of products like electronics, personal consumer products, and clothing. You must write for all kinds of products of these categories. Don’t forget to optimize those blogs posts! You can place the Calls-to-action on these blog posts! It is an effective option to convert users into leads!

Thank You Page

It is nice to be generous and grateful. Honestly; people love it when they get attention. For coupon sites, making a thank you page is a great idea. In fact, this brings back the navigation if the user is leaving. You may add some useful things in thank you page. For instance, CTAs hyperlinks, sharing buttons or sign up form for a newsletter!

Final Thoughts!

Digital marketing is the ever changing arena. You can’t practice the same trick for all websites and time periods. Simply, you must test and measure the tweaks done to your website. Due to ultimate flexibility, you can always change the way your coupon site works! For every tweak, make the analysis! This way, you will know which common strategies are working well!

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