How to Generate Leads for Your School

How to Generate Leads for Your School

by May 19, 2016
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Hi, This is Sanjib again. I am writing this article for some schools who need help in generating leads with digital marketing.

In order to collude with changing times pertaining to how a business model should be, it is important that the ideas revolving your model outgrow the conventional methods of advertising like say print media or television. Today’s times are such that people are gravitated towards the use of online apps on their mobile phones or personal computers. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google searches are in vogue. They represent a fantastic database for you to generate real life contacts that may avail your services and as such in this scenario to generate leads for your school. Let us look at ways to get contacts through such medium.


Do you use Facebook ?

Do you have any idea how many people in your area use Facebook ?

Do you think the people who are targeting uses Facebook ?

Facebook’s popularity is super slick. Their brilliant algorithm, graphics and content have made them a huge hit amongst masses. Although this is no new news, what’s new is that Facebook is an excellent option to generate leads for your business. You can generate such leads by directly posting your content on your Facebook page through adding a link of your website that directly lands them on a form for a possible exchange of services like a discount on movie tickets, a coupon etc.

Other ways include hosting a Facebook chat because they do not need a hashtag, by sponsoring webinars and through reaching out to your target audiences through your website. Facebook has brilliant options to capture your target audience and this should be best used in your favour.

You can now also do Facebook LIVE and reach a huge number of users in no time.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

The most cost effective amongst all the methods is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. With proper SEO, you can rank your school website on the first page of Google. One the website ranks on the first page of Google, it is guaranteed to generate maximum number of leads for your school for free in any given day.

Warning: If done in a wrong manner, your website may get penalised and it may take double of your efforts to rank on the first page, and in some cases, it may never rank again. I would recommend to hire someone experienced and enjoy new leads everyday.

Online Lead Generation sites

Online sites are fantastic lead generation drivers because when people search for something, in almost all occasions if it is important to them they will be signing up for something that is relevant to them. Hence, in this scenario everybody who is looking out for a school for their children will have a stamp on online sites.  Submitting your school information in online sites like justdial can help you generate leads. Justdial.com is one such source. There are plenty of online sites to generate leads for your school. A tremendous amount of lead generation is possible through the same.

Google Ads (Paid Ads)

Google Ads is one of the quickest way to get leads by spending some bucks. The campaign if created properly can get you targeted customers in no time. You can start getting results from day 1. Since this is paid ads, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Through Google PPC ads, you can collect their phone number and get their email addresses or get them to call you. Based on the search history of the users, Google will show ads to them. For example- say someone has searched for best international schools in Bangalore, he/she will see ads on the first 3 positions. These ads are Google PPC ads. With advanced technique, you can also re-target your customer, prospect customer. These adverts are made to look exactly like a search topic with minor differences in text size, color etc. The best part is, if a person was surfing about say a school a fortnight back and is searching for something completely different this time around, nine out of ten times his previous search results will come up with those adverts. Interesting and very useful to get leads!

Warning: Consult an experienced Google Adword consultant while setting up a campaign. Since this is a Paid advertisement, if you do not set things right, you may end up spending all your credit limit in one day.

Online reviews

A slightly tedious method but industrious indeed. There are websites and social networking sites where people post reviews about the schools that they have studied in and is looking for a change. Important leads about people who are genuinely interested in your school can be contacted via the same. Actually, they ask for a better service and as such if you are confident about your school, such leads will thank you in reality for your services.

Google Map

Listing your school in Google map can get you business. Shocked ? Don’t be. Get your school listed in Google Maps. With the help of optimization and online techniques, you can rank your school in the Google search 7 pack results. This can again prove to be very effective.

And guess what the best part is? Such methods of lead generation for your schools are way cheaper if compared with hoarding adverts or the print media.

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