How to Grow your Business with Digital Marketing at Low Cost?

How to Grow your Business with Digital Marketing at Low Cost?

by September 01, 2016
low cost digital marketing

Attention is the money; The most prevalent market trend!

For businesses, it has become difficult to attract the target market like never before. Right now, the businesses are facing two major problems. First, the big giants with a humungous marketing budget and second distraction of multiple social media networks. Both problems are the barriers in capturing the attention of the prospects.

But it does not mean that there are no low-cost strategies. Still, inexpensive marketing strategies are available that will let your business stand out in crowd dramatically!

low cost digital marketing

Here, you will learn about most creative & low-cost digital marketing techniques:

Online Networking

Classics remain same that’s why they are called classics!

Networking is the most influential and efficient marketing strategy for both offline and online business purposes. The best part, everyone can do networking in different ways. There is no hard and fast rule except communication with people. Always remember, you have to connect with every single person you meet or speak with, including old or new customers, local business and much more. Practically, you should use LinkedIn for this task. It is a great platform to promote your business. You may start the LinkedIn group page for your business to share new things. Otherwise, join other business groups to gain more exposure for your brand.

Business Blog

Old marketing tactic; Give people before they need it! It is the best technique with huge returns. People are interested in knowing things before the actual arrival of products. It is not a real marketing technique, but comes with actual returns. The most convenient way to do this is starting the business blog.You should add the blog to your existing business website. Here, you can share useful information and insights about the firm. Time is the only cost of your blog! In return, a blog will earn your credibility of customers!

Guest Posts On Niche Blogs

If you are on tight budget, you cannot afford being published in big magazines. Still, you have a chance to get published. Why not write the guest posts on niche blogs! Niche blogs already have the same targeted audience. The successful publication will end up in a better online presence of your business.

For this task, you are required to search best four to five blogs based on the same niche. You may contact them for guest posts. Of course, they will need something in return. Come up with creative ideas that will be useful for those niche blogs. In the end, this tactic will bring value to everyone! Including audience!

Facebook Target Marketing

Facebook is the most influential social media. Facebook marketing tools provide targeted results at very low cost. You have multiple choices in this regard. If you want to target social profiles which have same characteristics, Facebook Flex targeting will be ideal for it. It can scale up your campaign without increasing the budget. In case you want information of the readers who can be your prospective customer, then you should try Facebook lead generation ads. These ads come with newsletters, sign up forms and deals, etc.

Instagram Advertisement

Due to latest updates, you can promote your business on Instagram without creating profiles. As we already know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Both make the best combo of social media networks. Instagram ads can lead users directly to desired web pages or websites. The best part, the users don’t have to go through Instagram profiles.

Mobile Marketing

Do you realize that the users spend more time on mobiles than desktop or tablet! Answer one more thing, do you know mobile marketing costs less than desktop or tablet ads? Now you must have solved the puzzle. Mobile marketing is precise, effective and relatively inexpensive. If you can stretch your budget little bit, use Google or Facebook promotion campaigns for mobile marketing.

Customer Reviews

You can place all marketing tricks on one side. Still they will have less leverage than customer reviews. It is surprising and horrifying to see that old customer reviews can make or break the brand identity. That is why businesses are advised to have good communication since the start. If your client is not happy, get ready to pay back in a horrifying way. But if you bring value to the customer, you will earn a review with maximum leverage than can convert the audience into customers!

YouTube Channel

Over 800 million unique visitors land on Youtube per month. Now realize the degree of exposure than you can get for the business. To do so, starting the Youtube channel is the best idea. It is recommended not to post just random and plain videos about your product. Your video must have entertainment factor with information plus fully optimized. Optimization includes keyword related headline, concise editorial message and calls to action. You don’t need to spend thousands dollar on high-tech cameras or equipment. Your smartphone camera is up to the task if you have the winning idea for the video!

Existing Customers

It is hard to get a new customer instead of retaining the existing one. Your current customers are live marketing campaigns for your business. They help in both offline and online marketing. You may invite them to free events or offer free gifts. For online appearance, you may invite to chat groups to share new ideas about business improvement. People get motivated when their opinions matter to the business. Without customers, there is no business! They give valuable insights for business growth.

Write An E-Book

You don’t need a publishing house or money to publish the book. Amazon is providing the free platform to publish your book. It will take just 33% of every sale you make. Here, we are not focused on selling the book. An e-book is a useful digital marketing tactic to leave the impact on the customers. It acts as a generation tool that can lead readers to your website for further information!

Get Started!

Digital marketing is every changing environment but comes with readily available resources. Using low-cost digital marketing tactics, you can grow your business to new heights. You may already practicing some of the above techniques. A proper digital marketing plan is essential to get most out of these little nibbles of online marketing.

If you are not ready or seeking guidance in digital marketing, you are always welcome to connect with us!

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