Online marketing for Dentists in Bangalore – SEO, Google Ads, Social Media

Are you a dentist from Bangalore and is looking for digital marketing help ? Are you someone who would like to know how digital marketing can get you more leads ? If yes, then go ahead and read the complete post on the benefits of SEO and PPC ads for dentists.

The era of all things digital is here and with that, business has evolved in a drastic way in terms of marketing too. Why? You ask, well marketing today is the need of the hour and not want. Gone are the days when someone would look up yellow pages for a toothache or cavity relief, today people simple google combined words together to find a product or service to adhere to their needs around and the results are available with specifications like never before. Well, you already know all of this considering you are an active medical professional on social media and other forms of media constantly connecting potential patients to your doorstep. If you are a dentist, then have a look at the various types of online marketing options available.

online marketing

Types of Online marketing


 SEO or search engine optimisation primarily does one extremely important thing for your business – provides Visibility. Now, while SEO takes time to come into action please remember that this needs to be done in a proper system so as to generate traffic towards your website and allow visibility through various means and listings online. Success depends on the kind of keywords used and with time you will see the change in the graph with more and more searches and lookups of your brand. Here we assure you just that.

Paid ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads)

Advertisements, You are already aware of this being the oldest trick in the book to generate sales. What you need is to find patients who need dental help and while the regular ways of marketing will surely help today you can redirect all your advertising efforts towards the digital platform. Really, here are where all the clients are! They are numerous ways to advertise online – with google via google ads (pay per click, pay per view) Facebook (biggest social media platform today) adverts there provide visibility and serves great against existing competition.

Social Media

You are probably connected with your fellow mates on LinkedIn and Facebook. Did you know how beneficial it is to tweet about your services and how much buzz it can create? You need to go where the people are and the people are on Social Media. Well, it is very important is to have Google plus reviews and Facebook reviews for your business. Social reviews really help a lot in getting new leads.

Why online marketing is important for Dentists

  • Much needed buzz
  • Social presence – a lot of people feel sceptical trusting brands (even in medicine) without reviews or a Social presence.
  • Patients – sales is the ultimate goal, while you help more and more people.

When a person looks up dentists or recommended dentists in Bangalore (or a particular area of Bangalore ) , would not it be great if you can appear on the Google search results ?

For example – I need to visit a dentist in HSR layout, what would I do ?  Search on Google. And whoever Google would suggest, I would go to him/her. Not only I, most of the people would do that. And the numbers are really going to increase in the coming years. Now, if you are not appearing for important key terms on Google related to your business, how are you going to increase the number of leads? How do you think they are going to know about you ?  SEO can really help the dentists appear on search engines and get them more business. Let’s see how.

How SEO can help Dentists

SEO can help you gain the kind of visibility and traffic you need to convert to patients and potential clients. Keywords are potential words people combine to look up requirements online and we make sure that you are a part of those search results. There are so many keywords or variety of keywords people search on Google to find out about something.

Suppose you are a dentist and you are looking for digital marketing help. Now you don’t know anyone. What would you do ? Like everyone else, you would search on Google.

What would you type ? You may type ‘digital marketing for dentists’, or ‘digital marketing dentists’ or ‘SEO for dentists’ or ‘SEO for dentists in HSR layout’ or ‘SEO companies for dentists in Bangalore’ etc.

These are nothing but keywords. Similarly in your field, your patients would search for best dentists in different ways. With the help of SEO, if you can rank for those keyterms, don’t you think it will give you more leads ?

What happens if they don’t choose online marketing?

You are simply losing those leads. And in the next few years, people would only rely on Google and I don’t think I need to explain you the cons of not be there in Google search results.

Well, let’s just say there are a lot more people out there with dental problems looking for the correct dentist and you could be that aid.

Trust us, try your hands on online marketing for reliable results for your business because being virtually invisible does no good for a service, and yours is one.

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