Online Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Sales From Day 1

Online Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Sales From Day 1

by December 22, 2016
online marketing tips

So, you have an e-commerce website based on a great product. You’ve curated the content with high-resolution photos and product descriptions. In short, you’ve launched an online store with accurate and high content!

So, what’s next? Is it time to sit back? You must be hoping that massive traffic will land on your website. And there will be a heap of sales! Well, that’s completely wrong approach to an online business!


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Setting an online enterprise is the first step. No doubt, your product is valuable. But people will buy it if you market your product.

With time, the online marketplace has evolved drastically. The e-commerce entrepreneurs are facing severe and harsh scenarios, like stiff competition for very targetted traffic. No online business can survive without attracting a critical mass of online visitors! More traffic means more sales! It is that simple mantra that needs a lot of execution!

In this comprehensive guide, I am going to explain 13 different online strategies that will grow your online community to help you boost sales!

Let’s drive in!

online marketing tips

1: Offer Fewer Products On Homepage

Ask yourself a simple question, did you ever liked an online store with tons of products on the homepage? I bet you didn’t!

Placing a whole lot of products on the first page is a wrong strategy. People are coming to your site for the information. They are already familiar with the product they are looking for. A visitor looks for comparison or details about the product. I have seen hundreds plus sites having product stuffed homepages, without informative product description.

You don’t have to please everyone who visits your website. Be specific!

The homepage with clean design and fewer products having detailed product description always translates into higher sales.

It is all about consumer behavior. Today’s customer is smart and wants the best value for money. So, help the customers getting desired value!

2: Leverage Customer Reviews

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The next thing is to build trust! You cannot sell anything online without building a trust. It is the driving force behind the success of e-commerce businesses without cash on delivery service. Like any business, you will hail your product. But the customer will pay attention if your past clients have left positive feedback. When it comes to building credibility, nothing works more than leveraging user generated content in the shape of reviews!

Word of mouth always escalates the sales!

3: Reposition Opt-In Offers To Attract Loyal Subscribers

Most online businesses use opt-in offers in exchange of customer’s email addresses. As mentioned before, trust and loyalty are important for boosted sales. Instead of new customers, you must pay more attention to your old clients. Build a relationship by forwarding the special or discounted offers via email.

The real issue is the placement of opt-in offers. You can test several places on your homepage. For instance, left part of the page catches the attention first. You may try locating offer on the top fold of your website as it is the first thing a visitor sees when he scrolls down the page!

4: Promote Special Offers With Hover Ads

Everyone is pretty familiar with pop-ups. Love them or hate them, but they have served as an effective online marketing tool. Unfortunately, today the users use pop-up blocking software to deal with them.

Surprisingly, the market always comes up with the solution. In this case, the hover ads replaced the pop-ups successfully. These specialized and dynamic ads float on the homepage. Of course, the viewer chooses whether or not to view the ad. So, curate the ad with information that will bring value to them!

5: Come With Unique And Catchy Headline

A headline will affect your sales to a great extent. Most entrepreneurs don’t take this issue seriously. It is the first thing that online customers check out on your website. If it is not compelling, the visitor won’t proceed further!

The simple formula is that your headline must address the problem faced by your audience. The majority of headline tells about the product, but it does not explain what it does!

6: There Is No Room For Dead Ends

A site with dead ends is bad news. It won’t grab the attention of both search engines and visitors. Every single page on your site must be created to direct customers to the right product, although the sale has already been made.

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Don’t forget to add prominent “Continue Shopping” call to action button. Add new offers to the right or bottom for visitors, in case they are not into the main product.

7: Establish The Problem Along With Solution

To boost sales, you may try to point out a particular problem in your content. Later, you must show how that issue can be resolved with your product. To make it possible, a thorough research is required. Dig deeper and understand what are the problems a user faces most, but addressed rarely. For instance, you are selling shampoos & conditioners for dry or rough hair. You may start the post with how to cure shaggy hair? How to deal with dandruff in hair? The, elaborate how your conditioner will help the visitor in getting beautiful and shiny hair.

8: Focus On Your Customer

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Business is never B2B or B2C. It is always from human to human. The customer case is a lifeblood of any business. Sometimes, organizations have the great product to offer. But they make a common mistake of using first person narrative while creating content. You have to focus on ‘You’ instead of ‘I’. Convince customers by telling how the product will be useful for them? Instead of explaining how you made the product!

9: Instill Urgency & Compel Readers To Buy Now

one time offer

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Smart marketers always curate a sales content that will instill urgency among visitors. So, they will end up buying the product. Offering discount or limited time free offer are the best ways to trigger a sense of urgency.

10: Get Rid Of Abandoned Carts

On a regular basis, analyze your whole website. Check every bit of the site and its performance. Sometimes, the customers follow a pattern or behavior & land on the particular site for a specific product. As said earlier, don’t try to sell everything. Sell the things that people want. If any cart or product line is underperformance, either remove it or work on it so people will buy it!

11: Media Boosts Product’s Desirability

With images, the customers think of a product as a tangible thing. No doubt, images have become the crucial part of any e-commerce website. It is a powerful sales tool that encourages people to buy the product.

12: Avoid Placing Sales Pitch In Start

People mostly land on websites for free information. They will convert if the product is their complete solution. So, avoid throwing the sales in the start of content. Most likely, you will lose the potential customer by doing it!
First, explain how the product will solve the problem! Then, move to sales part!

13: Nicely Tune Follow Up Process

You are not actually done when the conversion is made. It’s time to transform new customer into the loyal customer. For that, follow up process is necessary. You must use autoresponders like automated e-mails for this purpose. It will generate more sales, as you have already built trust in the first sale!

Wrapping Up!

I have come up with best and effective marketing tactics to increase conversions. Test all strategies! Without trying you can never know which one is best! There is always room for improvement, if you have anything better, I would love to hear and implement!

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