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Are you looking for a competent SEO consultant in Bangalore, who can rank your website on top in search engine results, but also ensures you stay there! In that case, you have found one!

If your business is making something valuable and worthwhile, we will make sure to put in front of the world!

Why Should You Hire SEO Consultant Bangalore?


Simple answer; your competitors are crushing you with a power of SEO!

When 70% of people seek help online to find a business nearby, your venture cannot thrive without getting ranked on 1st page of search engines. Without solid online reputation, you are losing out the substantial amount of revenue. As most of the leads are preferring your competitors over you. Your loss is not confined to customers only, without online visibility, your chances of building a bigger brand are little!

Now you must be having doubts; how your competitor is making huge profits by using SEO? Here are the answers:

Escalated Targeted Traffic

When your website has been ranked on top in Google for a particular keyword, your web traffic will experience a tremendous spike. Moreover, you can expect this boom consistently. Moreover, you will receive targeted traffic. Nothing is more profitable than getting the traffic from people who are looking for your specific product or service. More leads mean more inquiries and sales!

High Return On Investment

A decade ago, the marketing strategies would cost millions to businesses. However, today, you can enjoy the SEO techniques as the most cost effective digital marketing strategy. The direct engagement with users is the key element of the search engine optimization. You are trying to communicate via your blog or website. That concludes the chance of converting the users into actual sales are very high.

Enhanced Brand Authority

People think of Google as the most trusted search engine. If Google is suggesting something, that will be worth trying. In simple words, if your website manages to rank on top, it will strengthen the brand authority and awareness of your business. For instance, if your practice pops for search query “Best dental clinic in Bangalore”. Eventually, when people speak about dentists in Bangalore, your brand name will be the highlight of conversation.

Things We Will Do For You As SEO Consultant Bangalore

Our system is designed to direct organic traffic to your site!

You are already focused on growing your business. It is no brainer that you cannot exercise SEO practices on your own. That is where eDigitalMarketing.in steps in!

brand SEO

For past few years, we have been helping businesses by growing their websites. We are familiar with the ranking algorithms of search engines. We also know, how to cope up with technological advancements. Using our experience and dynamic framework, we help local businesses to rank higher in search engines, regardless of the industry!

Your Brand + Our Experience = Organic Traffic

We are telling you right here, how we will enhance your online brand authority?

Learning Your Business

Your business is unique. We cannot use same tactics for all businesses. Each brand belongs to the particular industry, has the different target market and competitors, etc. We cannot work on your site unless we have detailed information about the business.

seo consultant bangaloreSo, first we learn about your business by leveraging following tactics:

You Know Your Business Better!

Before we step into the market, we would like to hear about your business from you. No one knows your niche, customers, and rivals better than you. We need to collect as many data as we can to run a successful campaign. Moreover, a strategy meeting with you will be the good start!

Analytical Audit

We cannot move without having a precise and accurate picture of your online reputation in search engines. We will dig deeper using technical tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google Tag Manager.

Industry Analysis

Next, we need to measure what’s working and what’s not in your industry. For this purpose, tools like SEMRush and Buzzsumo work best. With such analytics, we can devise a strategy including communication channels and formats (video, infographics or posts) to attack.

Website Audit

To be honest, a site with glaring technical issues can never rank on top. To point our these issues, we run an in-depth technical audit on your website.

Competitive Research

To keep your ahead in the competition, we need to formulate better strategies. For this, it is crucial to understand current marketing tactics of your competitors. You need a best attacking plan for absolute success!

SEO Consultant Bangalore’s Action Plan

business SEO consultantWe have got enough data, next step is the formulation of the practical strategy to drive growth.

Keyword Research & Mapping

Success is impossible without using proper keywords. Not only we find most valuable keywords for your firm, but also put them on perfect places on your website. We segregate the keywords into two categories. Sales and informational, both types get mapped on right destinations.

Audience Analysis

By doing audience profiling, we learn how to attract & acquire potential clients.

Competitor’s Link Analysis

Google ranks websites in every niche based on a specific good link profile. We audit the link profiles of your competitors to understand the structure of efficient link profile in your industry.

Technical Adjustments

technical SEO consultant

Before we work on SEO strategies, your website needs to be error free. Out team makes sure that essential fixes have been done on your business website. Either you have a web developer or not, we have covered your back.


This is the part, we execute. We deliver massive results by undertaking 100% white hat SEO campaigns on a large scale including:

Content Promotion

content consultantPublishing a bunch of articles is not enough. For expected results, a proper content promotion strategy is required. Our team organically promote the content on authority sites like Facebook, Quora, Reddit and relevant forums.

Link Building

Your website will start ranking once it starts getting links from other sites. For ongoing link building, we do tactics like niche blogger outreach, guest posting and sponsored posts, etc. We run promotion campaigns like reporter outreach, product review, and influencer outreach.


We are not finished yet!

Even though your website is ranking on top, it needs an in-depth analysis on a regular basis. This is crucial to have insights about site’s performance and health. That is why we conduct audits on a monthly basis and make the needed adjustments.

By now, you must have realized the importance of SEO for businesses. We showed you how EdigitalMarketing operates as the best SEO consultants in Bangalore? Moreover, what level of SEO knowledge we possess? In short, our team can handle work of any caliber when it comes to SEO for business!