SEO For Schools in Bangalore – How Important Is It & Why You May Need It?

SEO For Schools in Bangalore – How Important Is It & Why You May Need It?

by January 10, 2017
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Within the education sector, no one takes the search engine optimization seriously! Well, if you share same thoughts, you’re missing a significant opportunity out there!

Many of you may have no clue about SEO. Don’t worry, let’s talk about it briefly. Search engine optimization is a process that enhances your site’s online visibility and ranking in search engines for keywords, about your niche!

If your school has a website, it means you have a little or basic knowledge of SEO. But most of you do not know how to channelize the tactics or techniques to generate local leads for schools. This is where local SEO steps in!

You must invest in local SEO if your goal is to get massive enrollment of students in your local area. Cut to the chase, this specific type of SEO improves your local search rankings. Google is the smartest search engine. Whether you need a plumber or doctor or school, it will come up with search results for best businesses nearby. Clearly, you will miss the chance of getting new leads, if your website is not optimized for right and relative keywords!

Now the question is, Should you put any effort into local SEO for schools?

Emphatically, Yes! And here are the reasons:

Parents use internet to find best schools

More than 64% of local customers or users land on Google to find a business nearby. Only 28% of them choose old paper directories over the internet. Your school is a business for you. When a majority of users is finding the information online, then why rely on offline marketing strategies only?

SEO school bangalore

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Online searches for local businesses grew by 58%

You may not know that, but the count of local searches for nearby institutions or businesses is growing rapidly with time. It means, more & more people are using the internet as the ultimate source of information. Now seriously think, without SEO how can you survive?

Local SEO is highly targeted & timely

With local SEO tactics, you can connect with potential customers directly. When it comes to search engine optimization for the local school, marketing experts use online directories and listings. Such sources will promote your school to the exact point that students are searching for!

Highest conversion rate

Always remember, a local directory has higher conversion rates than other marketing or advertising techniques. In some cases, the rate is 50%, it means you will get an enrollment for every two leads. It does not matter, whether a directory is offline or online, the conversion rate will be higher always. But as most people switch to online sources, you must pay attention to your online reputation in local listings!

Higher mobile searches

A huge number of users look for nearby business on their smartphones, while walking around. Luckily, when you professionally do the SEO, you’re covering both desktop and mobile users. It means, zero chance of losing a potential customer!

Only 10% of business invest in Local SEO

To be honest, you can get a competitive edge by investing in SEO. First off, most schools or institutions have no idea about optimization. Even, if they have, but do not know how to get your school on the first page of Google. In fact, only 10% of local business you would find in Google Places local listings.

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Local SEO opportunities won’t cost you much!

Now, here is the trick. Unlike other SEO techniques, local tactics won’t cost you much. You can enlist your school for free in Google Places local listing. In case, you don’t know how to do; please give us a chance to serve you with best SEO practices for school!

Decline In Local Newspaper Readership

In last 20 years, the local newspapers have lost readership up to 80%. Now, next time you go for an ad in a newspaper, think twice before investing! We now have more number of Facebook users in a small area compared to the total number of newspaper readers in any city.

Highest Return On Investment

The biggest benefit of SEO is the highest return on investment. For the sake of explanation, let’s assume you need to pay 4 lacs per year to optimize your website for local leads. And you are charging 1.5 lacs per students for a year. After a year, even if you get 20 admissions, you will be making 30 lacs per year. Now, recall, you will earn thirty lacs by investing four lacs only! Pure profit!

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Local schools or coaching institutions do not fall for search engine optimization. But they must realize that SEO trends are becoming stronger with time. In future, to stand on top, you must invest in SEO for schools. In fact, today is the best time to take advantage of digital marketing! Hurry up! Boost your business to stay ahead of the competition!

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