SEO for travel agents: How an SEO company can help you scale your travel agency

SEO for travel agents: How an SEO company can help you scale your travel agency

by April 25, 2018

SEO for travel agencies is one of the most important digital marketing strategies a travel agent can’t ignore in 2018, if he wants to stay ahead of the other local travel agencies. A good SEO company, with their services can help your travel agency reach its target audience. 

You being a part of the competitive market will come across various service providers who give the same services, more or less, at the same price. So how do you set yourself apart from all your competitors? How do you reach your audience more effectively and build a strong brand name hassle-free? Worry not. This is where SEO services for travel agencies will come into the picture.

Why you need a Travel SEO company?

Travel SEO can play a pivotal role for your website. And this becomes all the more evident for vendors that depend heavily on their online bookings. Search engine optimization can help travel agencies build a strong brand name online. That ultimately leads to reaching your target audience. But is reaching your target audience the only aim?

Probably not.

You need conversions. You need sales. But for sales to happen, you need inbound leads.

For this aim you need to work on your marketing strategy. And for that hiring a professional SEO service provider that specializes in building traffic for travel websites becomes a must.

With a professional by your side, you can upscale your travel agency business. Once you have the leads, it becomes easier for your sales team to convert them into leads.

Do travel companies really need SEO help?

A few days back I met one guy who started his travel business just 2 years back and was able to grow it into a very profitable company. When I asked him about the revenue he was generating, he said well, I earned my MBA fees in less than a month.

That was really inspiring. When I asked him about how he grew his business, he said, it was SEO and PPC that worked for him.  He started with PPC and SEO at a time, and slowly have reduced down the Google Ad spent and now he is completely focusing on SEO, as not his sites ranks on the first page for multiple keywords. As a result, his adspent budget has come down drastically, which now he is currently spending on content marketing and social media marketing. Not to forget, influencer marketing, too. He was able to afford all these services just because he was getting insane ROI from SEO and digital marketing.

Let’s dive into those methods that help your travel business website reach its customer goals easily.

5 Ways a Good Travel SEO Can Help You Scale Your Travel Agency Business

More Visibility, More Traffic

With planned travel SEO services, it will be easier for your organization to increase visibility online. Though organic efforts may take time to bring in the results, still they’ll be effective and will have a long-term benefits for your business. With increased visibility, you’ll notice more traffic on your website and ultimately profitable conversions that will help you meet your targets. What does more traffic mean? More leads. And, eventually more conversion.

Increases Trust Flow and Brand awareness

Increasing trust flow isn’t easy for a website. But with a professional working by your side, it won’t be a hassle. With effective strategies like building authoritative links through guest posting can help you increase trust flow for your website, in the eyes of Google and also, your visitors. 

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

It is a given that strategies like PPC can be effective and can garner instant results for your travel business. But what about those recently started travel agencies in market who can’t set a separate budget aside for such intensive marketing strategy? Well, travel SEO is the key for them to market their brand. Although it is a time taking procedure, yet it delivers long-lasting results as leads keep coming in even if the SEO services are put on hold.

Long-Term Benefits

Unlike advertisements, SEO strategies tend to leave permanent impact for a site on the search engine. If the rankings are faring well in the SERPs and you stop paying for the SEO services, still you won’t witness changes to its position. However, little maintenance as a backup will be highly advisable.

Leave Your Competitors Behind

SEO being the rising practice of digital marketing has gained quite a position in the eyes of various business owners. That’s why you see your competitors hiring professional travel SEO service providers who can help them rank better in the search engine. To be not left behind in the competition, it is time you adopt the effective practices of SEO to help your brand establish better recognition in the market.

Travel SEO Company vs Freelancer vs hiring an inhouse SEO member: What should you do as a travel agency?

Now, since the importance of SEO in 2018 for any travel company is clear, let us talk about how to choose who you should be hiring.

SEO Freelancer: Finding a good SEO freelancer is a key. If you can get one, there is nothing like it. What we have heard from our present clients who had hired a SEO freelancer before coming to us  is that most of the freelancers could not help them rank. Also, there was a communication gap that hampered their business.

SEO Inhouse: How about hiring an inhouse guy who can take care of the SEO? Ofcourse, you can hire an inhouse guy. But make sure he or she is experience enough to rank your website. If you hire an SEO executive, you will need to hire an SEO specialist or a consultant to keep a check on him. With low budget, I would not suggest to hire an inhouse team for SEO until and unless your turnover is in Crores.

SEO Company:

SEO companies come into play when a company is trying to get some initial leads and create a brand around your website. Needless to say, SEO companies are more professional and can help you make use of your budget in a most efficient way.

Why choose Edigitalmarketing.in as your Travel SEO partner?

Being a pro at providing SEO services for travel websites, the company is also known for providing cutting-edge services that can help their clients reach ahead in the competitive market hassle-free. Besides providing these basic travel SEO services, Edigitalmarketing.in also specializes at improving your:

  • Content Marketing Strategy

    Edigitalmarketing.in understands that content holds a prime place when considering the rankings of a website. That’s why they can help you incorporate well-curated content that adds value to your target audience. Check out more about content marketing here.

  • PPC Ads : Google & FaceBook Ads

    It’s not just your organic growth that they look after but also your social media accounts. They help you build effective and catchy ads that lead your visitors into taking an action. Check more on PPC ads.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Building a strong brand presence is not as simple as it sounds. But with edigitalmarketing.in you can establish a strong brand presence that helps you reach your target audience easily. With an effective social media marketing strategy, they can help you reach customers through various platforms. Want to try social media marketing for your Travel Agency? Click here.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Getting links these days is no more a child’s play. This is especially true if you plan to build a link for your site on your competitor’s blog that is known for its high domain authority. Reaching out to 100’s like these in a day and asking them to write for their website is a time taking process. But provides fruitful results for future. Yet again, this is one of the marketing strategies that edigitalmarketing.in specializes in.

Although based out of Bangalore, Edigitalmarketing has helped clients accross the globe in getting more businesses. So if you are looking for a Travel SEO company from Bangalore, or outside the city, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We understand reaching your target audience is a challenge, especially if you plan on doing it effectively and at the same time establish your brand name in the travel sector. But worry not, hiring good travel SEO services provided by edigitalmarketing.in can make your work flow seamlessly.

And what’s more, you won’t be limited to just good travel SEO services with them. They will also provide services like content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, and influencer marketing services that help you reach your audience better.

If you have found us searching for a good travel SEO company in Bangalore, you know that we can rank you too.

Call us at +91-7032414385 or mail us at contact@edigitalmarketing.in. Let’s help you grow your travel business. Cheers!

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