White Hat Link Building Strategies In 2017

White Hat Link Building Strategies In 2017

by May 06, 2017
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Strategies For Building Successful White Hat Links

Want your website to rank on top of Google search engine optimization in 2017?

White hat link building backed up by quality content can do the trick. In fact, link building has been found to be the most sustainable technique when compared to other strategies though there is no short cut for its success.

Also, I have seen websites being penalized by Google often for adopting black hat link building techniques. When you try and manipulate links to your websites, you are violating the webmaster’s guidelines and hence, it results in Google banning your site.

It is not like the earlier days when you could write any cheap quality content and stuff it with keywords to post it on third party sites for garnering backlinks. Websites owners were also guilty of buying plenty of backlinks in the past just to gather audience.

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Now, quality matters over quantity and Google algorithm has become stricter with the passing of years.

If you are new to building and maintaining a website or even if you have been in the business for quite some time but still need to pick up on some grain of advice, this post will be valuable for you.

Having said that, white hat link building is not an easy job. It demands a great deal of patience and time. The higher the quality of your back links are, the higher the rankings. There are plenty of benefits of having quality backlinks but let’s have a quick peek into the major benefits of white hat link building.

Benefits Of White Hat Link Building

  • Visibility of your website in search engine results
  • Receiving genuine traffic from the linked websites
  • Higher chances of getting indexed in search results
  • Adding value to your website as a result of high quality links

White Hat Link Building Strategies In 2017

Even if you have written tons of relevant and high quality contents for your website which is well and good, unless you get quality backlinks, Google won’t recognize your site as valuable. Supposing you have a website on Healthy Living, you won’t want a link coming from a site that has to deal with plumbing. Search engines don’t want that either.

Getting good links to back up your website’s value is not a night’s job but if you are in for a long ride, there are strategies. If you play the cards right, 2017 can be a beneficial year for you.

Make Use Of Infographics

Why infographics tops the list?

In a study by Wordstream on the most recurrently linked blogs, infographics emerged among the top linked content types.

Owing to its attractiveness, they are also sharable on social media sites.

If you combine infographics with smart guest blogging, it can gain you plenty of authority backlinks.

To start with, gather relevant data on your topic niche and convert it into an infographic. When you publish on it your blog, you can make it embeddable.

Search for sites with contents similar to yours and offer the infographic.

That’s not enough. You need to add a fresh guest post describing the infographic.

Only then, include a link.

Also check this infographic we created on Advanced Link Building Tips

Reach Out To Appropriate Blogs

If I write content for my site, people won’t just come and link to it. Same applies for you.

After you post a relevant content on your blog that is beneficial for readers, you need to find the right audience for it to promote it.

In case you wrote a blog post on Healthy Eating Habits, google out the top ranked content on the topic and reach out to blogs that have link to the blog.

Once you have the sites listed out, you can search for their email, Twitter id or contact form and reach out to them.

BuzzSumo is another search engine where you can easily find backlinks and highly shared content.

Search for the most shared content on the topic and type their URLs on Twitter to find out who has tweeted it.

This strategy can help you garner white hat links.

Share Case Studies

Real life experiences are valuable and have more impact on the readers than mere explanation or copied contents.

It makes your content link worthy as it is unique.

Back up your content as much as possible with case studies, solid evidence and real life experiences.

Readers who have similar blogs as yours will link to your content to add credibility to their blogs.

It doesn’t matter which niche your target audience is. As long as you share your personal experiences and case studies it will always attract quality backlinks.

Turn Into A Case Study

Sounds funny?

It works for those who don’t have a case study of their own.

You can start by finding out a leading marketer or blogger who have great strategies to share.

Most of them are on a look out for people who implement their plans to add credit for themselves.

Why not take the opportunity and apply their strategy to create a success story?

Then, contact the influencer and share your story and snapshots and send a URL as a proof.

In most cases, you don’t even have to beg for a link. The blogger will happily feature you.

Build Great Relationships

By building great relationships, I mean great link building relationships.

Opportunities abound to build contacts for those who search smart.

Find your niche communities in blogs or forums on social media like Facebook.

Start by posting intelligent and relevant comments that will add value to the post and enlighten the readers.

By participating actively on your niche communities you can build great relationships and gather some good backlinks.

As a bonus, you will also be updated with the current industry news and learn from others who are sailing in the same boat as you.

Start Building Powerful White Hat Backlinks

So you have the strategies.

I agree white hat link building needs plenty of effort and time. But in the long run, it pays off.

There are many other strategies you can apply for garnering links but the ones I listed out are worth giving a try.

Having quality backlinks is the one and only sustainable method to stay high in Google search engine results.

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