Why you need to brand yourself online and 6 ways you can do it

Why you need to brand yourself online and 6 ways you can do it

by July 21, 2016
create a brand online

Establishing a brand online is an important step of marketing strategy. When this goal is achieved the result is phenomenal and the business increases its prospect manifold. The online presence of a brand has become important for the convenience of the users as well as for the brand owner(s). By understanding the parameters that control the branding process online great impressions can leave on the customers, which help to build a positive brand image and increase the brand value.

create a brand online

Do you need to have a brand ? If yes, why.

Just one question – Are you the only one from your industry ? If yes is the answer, you may stop reading and go back to your work. But if the answer is no, you better continue reading.

Since you are still reading the article, I assume there are many more like you from the same industry. You may consider yourself to be on of the best in the industry but how do you tell this to everyone ? Why would they choose you ? They may not even know you.

When they have no idea about who you are and how good you are, I do not see any reason for them to consider you/your company/your services. This is where the importance of branding yourself online comes into picture.

By creating yourself as a brand, you are giving your customers a valid reason to prefer you over your competitors. Cool ? Now let us have a look at some of the benefits of building a brand online.

Benefits of online branding

Building trust

Building a brand online is building trust.

The amount of exposure is directly proportional to the amount of authority. The image of an authoritative figure earns more trust and the business gains a lot of weight and the marketing or promotional messages sent out get noticed.

[su_lightbox_content id=”204″ width=”80%” margin=”10″ padding=”10″ background=”#e19835″ color=”#efe9e9″]Say you are a dentist from HSR layout, Bangalore, India. People looking for a good dentist in your area would do a Google search for “best dentist in HSR layout India”. Now if they find you on the search results with many positive reviews and another dentist with no review, which dentist do you think he would go to ? Definitely, you.[/su_lightbox_content]

Building credibility

The branding strategies that are reflected in the web presence projects a lot of traits about the brand image. When this strength is properly used it helps the business to achieve success by building credibility and growing reputation. Integrity is the key word here that a business has to maintain.

Increased effectiveness in marketing

The presence builds a bridge through which a greater dimension in marketing effectiveness can be achieved. The promotional gestures will become more convenient and the exposure will help your brand to reach out to a greater volume of mass.

Relationship development

The presence of the brands online also builds good relation with the customers. Social interaction through the common platforms like is a great internet marketing tool that enables a business to develop absolute brand image and compels the customers to become loyal. The brand gets more and more recognized too.

Since I already spoke about the importance of building a brand online and why one needs online branding, let us have a look at how too build a brand online.

6 ways to build an online brand

These days, customers not only look for products but also a reliable face that sells the product. They try to find a trustworthy point where they can meet their needs without any hesitation. Establishing an online brand is as important as keeping great products and services in the infirmary. You need to do these 6 things to build an online brand.

Create a website

Creating a website is the first step towards building your online presence.

A good website design is important where the customers can find what you are offering. List out all your services/products in a well structured manner. Think from a user point of view and try to get the design as user friendly as possible. A great website design should be able to define the motive of your business.

Add a different dedicated space to interact with the customers to impart a personal touch in the digital world. Cater the products with their unique selling traits. Decently display your recognition and achievements in order to build a sense of trust and make the customers feel that they are in good hands.

Search Engine Optimization

Once the website is up, it is time to reach our potential customers/clients.

Not only building a mark in the digital landscape will serve the purpose but the mark needs to be noticed and recognized. This can be done by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Using SEO, you can rank your website on Google.

There are 100s and 1000s of searches happening online. Once you do your SEO right, you can make use of those searches and take your business to the next level.

It is always better to hire a good SEO company to rank your website on Google and other search engines.


When your website is placed in the top results of the searches then the majority of the users will check in. The more traffic is attracted, the more business you can make out of it. SEO techniques focus on targeted keywords and titles to make the page more visible.

Return on Investment

SEO techniques not only makes the pages and products visible but with the tools like Google Analytics, you can measure the results and track various aspects like traffic, rankings and conversion rate as per the generated data. The comprehensive methods also lead to prediction of future trends and proper strategy building.

Cost vs. Benefits

SEO implementation is one of the best marketing strategies that you can afford at a very low price and still manage to attract a lot of attention and generate business. Cold calling or mass mailing is not as effective as SEO. The later can reach the targeted customers and create impression in a better way.

Brand awareness

The image of the brand gets well developed as it comes in the first pages of the search results. The more exposure you gather the better you can use your website.


Blogging about the topics related to your business will help you to create a good brand image in the market. Incorporating useful information in the blogs you can attract more traffic and convert them into leads. Blogging also shows great deal of knowledge on your side that is admired by your followers and helps to build authority. Answering the questions and giving solutions to the common problems faced by the users will make you a magnet.

Social Media

It is like opening a shop in the middle of a busy city with a lot of traffic rather than owning a business in the outskirts. The more traffic can see your website the more promotion you will get. Advertisement campaigns in the social media platforms prove to be very effective measure to promote a business and get the attention. This intelligent step will help to increase the visibility of your brand.

Newsletters and e-books

This is a method to increase brand awareness. Newsletters carry enough information about your brand and the latest happenings. Newsletters also make existing clients aware about the latest developments and current products in the market. Similarly e-books also generate leads and build brand by offering valuable knowledge to the target market.

Testimonials and review section

The testimonials of the clients about your products and service will encourage the transformation of leads to loyal customers in no time. The review section is also a strong point of an e-commerce website as it helps to build a strong trust on the products and generate sales.

It’s time to take some serious action

This is how a perfect web presence can take a business to a level where success is inevitable. The parameters should be considered properly. Now, since the things are explained, it’s time to take some action. Take the next step and connect with us so that we can help you build your brand online.

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